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Fellini 100 immortal genius

01.01.1970 - 15.03.2020

The exhibit

Fellini 100

Fellini 100 immortal genius

If Italy has become the country of the Dolce Vita for the entire world, it is thanks to its unique and unmistakable look. Few artists have been able to represent the entire history of our country like Fellini. An artist who through cinema was able to invent an entire world, creating an image capable not only of telling the story of his own generation - that of those who lived through the most important events of the Twentieth century - but also to connect with later ones.
One hundred years after the birth of the great director, Rimini will dedicate the year 2020 to the Fellini mark of “everything is imagined”.

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Emilia Romagna - Rimini
Castel Sismondo