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Umbria Jazz

07.07.2017 - 16.07.2017

An exceptional programme in Norcia “We play the future” on 1-2 July

Umbria Jazz 2017

Umbria Jazz 2017

This year’s programme of Umbria Jazz will include artists such as Kraftwerk 3D, Giuliano Sangiorgi, the Cuban piano duo Chucho Valdes and Gonzalo Rubalcaba and many more. The final evening is dedicated to Brazil and performing artists such as Hamilton de Holand, Stefano Bollani, Djavan and the orchestra “Baile do Almeidinha”. 

 This year there will also be a preview in the Norcia main piazza dedicated to solidarity and reconstruction. These are some of the artists who will play: Funk Off, Renzo Arbore and the Italian Orchestra, the trio Accordi e Disaccordi, the jazz group The Gam Scorpios and the group Brand New Heavies.

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