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SpeleoTourism in the Grotte di Castellana

04.11.2012 - 30.12.2012

Castellana Grotte (Ba), November 4 to December 30, 2012 – Dark emotions on SpeleoNight Sundays

An autumn of emotions in the Castellana Grottoes awaits visitors to Apulia for SpeleoNights this November to December, and not only; performances entitled “Hell in the Cave” will bring scenes from the Divine Comedy to spectators in the Castellana Caves two weekends each month ( 
Every Sunday afternoon at 4:30 PM – until December 30th – tourists and nature lovers, armed with hardhats and headlamps, can admire the marvelous and dark caverns inside the earth as expert speleology guides from the Apulia Grottoes Group accompany them. 

This journey through the earth's twists and turns is an authentic sensorial experience. 
The Grotte di Castellana mark out an itinerary along an ancient subterranean river, all within an important environmental, cultural and architectonic context. After all, the local surroundings include the Itria Valley, the ancient Trulli,  seaside resorts - offering a rather wide range of variety to tourists, all within just a few miles. 
There are two different cave visits in total: one brief, lasting 50 minutes and traveling a little over a half-mile (to Caverna del Precipizio), and the other all-encompassing, traveling a distance of 1.9 miles in two hours, and ending in the Grotta Bianca. 

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Where: Grotte di Castellana
City: Castellana Grotte
: Bari
: Apulia