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From Donatello to Fra' Filippo

13.09.2013 - 13.01.2014

Master painters from the 1400s in Prato’s Palazzo Pretorio

Filippo Lippi - Madonna della Cintola - Prato

Filippo Lippi - Madonna della Cintola (Assunta with Patron Santa Margherita, San Gregorio Magno, San Tommaso, Sant'Agostino and the Archangel Raffaele with Tobiolo)

Prato hosts a grand exhibit that invites visitors to relive one of the most magical periods in the entire history of Italy: that of 15th-Century Prato, when some of the time’s best artists worked in the Tuscan city.  "Da Donatello a Lippi. Officina Pratese" brings these masterpieces – normally dispersed in museums around the world – back to their home turf for the event. 
Figuring among the most important names that operated at the workshop of the Church of Santo Stefano (later Cathedral) are DonatelloMichelozzoMaso di BartolomeoPaolo Uccello and Filippo Lippi, personages that built their reputations in part upon works created here during the Renaissance. 
The most dominating presence is that of Filippo Lippi, that between the 1450s and '60s realized the Frescoes in Santo Stefano and those of the Baptist in the Duomo’s foremost chapel. 

The display offers much insight into the lives of these painters - particularly into their time spent in Prato, by way of selected paintings, and works originally created for religious structures but eventually removed, i.e. Zanobi Strozzi’s Assunta, painted for the Duomo but now residing in Dublin; the Altarpiece of Faltugnano by the Maestro della Natività di Castello, now on view inside the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo; and Frau Diamante’s Altarpiece, that now makes its home in Budapest.

How to get there

Where: Palazzo Pretorio
City: Prato
Address: Piazza del Comune
Region: Tuscany