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The Historical Carnival of Ivrea

02.03.2019 - 05.03.2019

The Battle of the Oranges

The Carnival of Ivrea is among the oldest events of its kind in Italy.  The festivities include a complex of events, shows and food and wine events.Not to miss is  the magnificent historical parade but above all, is the extraordinary event of the Battle of the Oranges.The Battle is the most spectacular element that represents the people's revolt (the orange-throwers on foot) against the tyrant's armies (the orange throwers on wagons). For three afternoons (from Sunday to Fat Tuesday) the walking throwers, without any protection, fight the oranges-throwers on carts, protected by leather helmets (masks). All citizens from Fat Thursday are obligated to wear the classic Phrygian cap. Those who do not wear it during those days, have the risk of being attacked by the orange throwers. 

It's always best to respect the rules as to avoid any inconveniences. 

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