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Carnival in Piedmont

06.01.2014 - 06.03.2014

Life's a party during Piedmont's Carnival Celebrations

Carnevale di Ivrea - Photo by Pecold -

Carnevale di Ivrea - Photo by Pecold -

The Region of Piedmont's Carnival celebrations are historically-renowned, and they involve everyone with their traditional, fun and exciting events. First, Turin: if this city of the Savoys had its own mascot, it would certainly be the famous Mask of Gianduja, protagonist – along with his love, Giacometta – of the local Carnival parade.
Known and loved both domestically and abroad is Ivrea's monumental Carnival (Province of Turin). Harking back to 1808, it is one of the world’s most colorful street parties, consisting of the re-enactment of the people’s rebellion against tyranny. The rebellion culminates in a spectacular parade and procession, as well as the beloved Battle of the Oranges.

Then, the Carnevale di Santhià, dating to 1328, is the oldest of them all. It follows its precise and traditional schedule every year, running from Epiphany to Fat Tuesday. è il più antico del Piemonte. This “Tradissiun” includes historic rites like the “Fagiolata Colossale” and “Corsi Mascherati”.
The Lachera (carnival rite) has decorated the scene in Rocca Grimalda (in PiedmontAlessandria Province) every year now since the early 1900s. The Lachera is a dance with a nod to the theatre. The characters are many and they each have a precise and defined role that has been passed down as village tradition. The style is popular comedic art (commedia dell'arte popolare), while the costumes replicate each historic period that Lachera has witnessed. The 2014 Carnival of Rocca Grimalda runs February 22nd-23rd.

Asti's carnival reclaims popular customs from the 14th and 15th Centuries, using figures – through spectacle and jest – that best represent the life and activities of the Piedmontese city and periphery during those times. This is how the masked group known as the Famija d'le Maschere Astesane or "Family of the Masked Astigiani" came to be: it is made up of characters including peasants, innskeepers, washerwomen, greengrocers, carters, and customs officers, all of which color the scenes of Asti’s carnival.
This year’s carnival celebrates the 52nd Anniversary of the birth of such masks as the“Barberino” and the “Spumantina,” just some of those that accompany the most famous masks – Gianduja and Giacometta, Toni Destöpa and Maria Göcheta (in Borgo San Rocco), Trömlin and GinotaCicö Föet and Ghitin 'd la Tör (from dialect, Margherita della Torre) in Borgo Torretta.
Finally, Chivasso is expecting thousands of spectators at Piedmont’s largest Carnival parade. Thirty floats just as impressive as those in Rio, and 4,000 performers give life to the phantasmagoric Corteo di Gala di Carnevalone. Oltre 30 carri imponenti come quelli del carnevale di Rio de Janeiro e più di 4000 figuranti daranno vita al fantasmagorico Corteo di Gala di Carnevalone aperto come tradizione vuole dal carro turrito dei Personaggi del Carnevale chivassese, la Bela Tolera e l'Abbà.