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Carnival in Venice 2014

15.02.2014 - 04.03.2014

Fairytales and fantasy in Venice for Carnival 2014

A Carnival celebration like no other, one of a kind in terms of history, atmosphere and masks, the Carnevale di Venezia draws thousands of spectators and participants to the Lagoon City every year. During an exciting chain of events and celebrations, expect Venice's calle and piazzas to be filled with "Wonder and Fantasy" until March 4th.
La natura fantastica is the theme for 2014, highlighting all that is fantastical, "fairytale-esque," and that belongs to nature.
Carnival's origins are steeped in fantasy, in hundreds of years of traditions, and in the use of exoticism: not only is it a display of European masks, but of those with Arab and Middle Eastern influences, of African and Meso-American symbols, of Indian, Mongolian and Chinese allegories.

The fairytale defines all this year's Carnival events, from concerts in Piazza San Marco to historical dances and performances, from musical aperitivi to events for children. 
Of course, ever the favorites here are the Festa Veneziana sull'Acqua (one of the famous water processions) and Corteo e Festa delle Marie, among others.
Then, Piazza San Marco is the venue for February 23rd's "Volo dall'Angelo," in which the "Angel" glides from the heights of St. Mark's Bell Tower down to the center of St. Mark's Square.
Another must-see is the "Svolo del Leon," set for Fat Tuesday: at midnight a silent procession of gondolas (the Vogata del Silenzio) moves from the Rialto Bridge to the Bacino di San Marco. The Vogata should make for an exciting and mesmerizing close to Carnival 2014 in Venice.

Useful information

The Main Events for Carnevale 2014:

Friday, February 14th: Prologue, St. Valentine's
Saturday, February 15th: Opening of the Festa Veneziana in Cannaregio
Sunday, February 16th: Water Procession - Canal Grande - Cannaregio
Saturday, February 22nd: Festa delle Marie
Sunday, February 23rd: Flight of the Angel
Satruday, March 1st: Cart Procession in Marghera
Sunday, March 2nd: Flight of the Eagle and Flight of the Donkey in Mestre
Tuesday, March 4th: Flight of the Lion, Award Ceremony for the "Maria vincitrice" for Carnival 2014
February 22nd - March 4th: Mask Contest