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Verso Sud (“Toward South”) Festival

23.12.2011 - 04.05.2012

Apulia, from December 23th, 2011 to May 4th, 2012 – Tour of concerts in Apulia with “Verso Sud” Festival

Verso Sud (lit. "Toward South" Festival) is a touring music festival that will stop in each province of the Apulia region until the beginning of May. The festival is organised in collaboration with the following associations: Case della musica by Puglia Sounds, Laboratori urbani by Bollenti Spiriti and Sale "D'autore" created by the Apulia Film Commission.The music performed will be the one drawn from the Italian music scene, giving particular attention to local bands from Apulia and Salento area: rock, pop, folk, jazz, songwriter music, hip hop, electronic and traditional music.The Italian rock band Verdena, in collaboration with Cube Festival, will be opening the event, on the stage of Livello 11/8 club.
The show will be followed by the performance of Marco Ancona and Amerigo Verardi, who will present their new work entitled "Il diavolo sta nei dettagli" (Lobello Records) on the stage of Officine Cantelmo club (Lecce), born by the collaboration of the vocalist/guitarist of the band Fonokit and the songwriter from Brindisi.Cantelmo club is aiming to a full-house event with the performance of Gué Pequegno, on tour for promoting his last album as soloist, entitled "Il ragazzo d'oro".
In the following months, the festival will host Brunori Sas (January the 21st in Lecce), Dente (January the 28th in Lecce), Bobo Rondelli (February the 10th in Conversano and February the 11th in Lecce), Flavio Boltro (February the 24th in Conversano), Daniele Silvestri (March the 10th in Trepuzzi), Omar Pedrini (March the16th in Conversano), Aucan (March the 16th in Lecce), Calibro 35 (March the 23rd in Conversano and the 24th in Lecce), The Zen Circus (April the 5th in Lecce), Mimmo Epifani & Friends (April the 9th in San Vito dei Normanni), Teatro degli Orrori (April the 19th in Trepuzzi), and the Italian provincial and regional selection, Wave Band. Large space will be also granted to Apulia bands with Erica Mou (April the 20th and the 21st in Lecce and Conversano), Lucia Manca (April the 3rd in Lecce), Carolina Bubbico and Tobia Lamare & The Sellers (not scheduled yet in Lecce) and Rivolta Records Nigth with Playontape and Metropolitan (May the 4th in Lecce).

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Location: Officine Cantelmo in Lecce- Livello 11/8 in Trepuzzi (Lecce)- Casa delle Arti di Conversano (Bari)- ExFadda in San Vito dei Normanni (Brindisi)
Region: Apulia