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Fiera di Sant'Orso

30.01.2014 - 31.01.2014

A unique, millenary fair in Aosta’s old center

Another year in Aosta's historic center sees the traditional Fiera di Sant'Orso welcoming thousands of artists and artisans from the Region of Valle d'Aosta showing off the fruits of their creative labor.
The fair has taken place since the Middle Ages, when the Collegiata di Sant'Orso put on this historic event. The tale has it that the fair got its start in front of the Collegiata or Collegiate Church of St. Ursus, right where St. Ursus handed out clothing and Sabot (tipical wooden stockings still seen in the Fiera today) to the poor.

Today the event is an exhibition of artworks galore – often symbols of ancient culture – amidst a magical atmosphere.
Not only thousand-year-old traditions, but folk music as well as wine and local gastronomic tastings compose St. Ursus’s Fair, as do typical song and dance that prolong "Veillà," the night between January 30 and 31 when the illuminated streets are flooded with people and fun.
The Fiera expresses the heart of the people of Valle d'Aosta via the celebration of strong historical and cultural belonging to the land. 

How to get there

Where: Historic Center
City: Aosta
Region: Valle d'Aosta