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The art of Bartolini between Prato and Florence

18.11.2014 - 08.12.2014

A journey to discover the sculptor of the Bonaparte family

“Nymph of the Arno” by Lorenzo Bartolini

“Nymph of the Arno” by Lorenzo Bartolini

Tuscany is the cradle of the Italian Renaissance, a meeting place for art, history, culture, nature and gastronomic traditions and one of the most famous Italian tourist destinations. A stop in Florence is a must for everyone; here the Galleria dell’Accademia hosts "Nymph of the Arno" by Lorenzo Bartolini from 18th November to 8th February 2015, the only marble version to emerge thus far amongst those made by the sculptor from Prato, who operated in Florence and Paris during the nineteenth century and was recognized as one of the most important of his time, so much so that he became Bonaparte family’s artist.

A visit to the Galleria dell’Accademia and to Bartolini’s "Nymph of the Arno" is also a great opportunity to see and admire the famous David by Michelangelo once again, one of the undisputed symbols of the Medici city, and to spend a winter day among the many attractions of Florence, perhaps with a break from the cold in one of the historic cafés.

In order to get to know Lorenzo Bartolini’s area of origin just drive for a short distance, 20 kilometres, to reach the town of Prato, an artistic and cultural centre of great importance. Its Castle, the Cathedral and the old town are necessary stopovers in order to reach the Town Square where the Praetorian Palace houses an entire section devoted to the works of Lorenzo Bartolini. Finally, don’t miss the exhibition "Meeting masterpieces” (Capolavori che si incontrano) running until January 6th: an overview of 86 works representing the major sacred and profane themes of Tuscany and Veneto between '400 and '700, thanks to a rare sequence of masterpieces by Bellini, Filippo Lippi, Tiepolo, Caravaggio, Tintoretto and Jacopo Bassano.

How to get there

Where: Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze; Museo di Palazzo Pretorio
Indirizzo: Via Ricasoli 58; Piazza del Comune 1
City: Florence; Prato
Region: Tuscany