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World première for Stanley Kubrik’s snapshots

16.04.2010 - 04.07.2010

Milan, from 16 April to 4 July 2010 - 300 pictures taken by Stanley Kubrik, the great American director, on display at Palazzo della Ragione for the first time in the world.

Picture of Rocky Graziano, taken by Stanley Kubrik, on display in Milan (source:

World première for Stanley Kubrik’s snapshots

Three hundred photographs - many of which unpublished and printed from original negatives - taken by USA’s director Stanley Kubrik between 1945 and 1950, when, being only seventeen, he was hired by the American ‘Look’ magazine, will be on display at Palazzo della Ragione in Milan for the first time.
The exhibition, curated by Rainer Crone and organised by the City of Milan in collaboration with the Library of Congress in Washington and the Museum of the City of New York, which safeguard a yet undisclosed legacy of more than 20,000 negatives by the very young, but already great Kubrik, shows his ability to capture daily life in America just after the war, through the stories of famous people, such as Rocky Graziano or Montgomery Clift, his stinging and ironical shots of New York, the city that was quickly becoming the new capital of the world, or the daily life of dixieland musicians.
The event clearly shows Kubrik’s way with photography, one the passions that he inherited from his father when he was still in his teens, but that wore out in just five years. His first picture was published on 26 June 1945 and portrays a grief-stricken newsagent On the day of Roosevelt’s death, a picture that fascinated Look’s editors so much, that they offered the amateur photographer the chance to join the magazine staff. The exhibition path is divided into two parts. The first one, which is divided into 7 sections, has an introduction, “Icons”, presenting symbolic images for each of the stories immortalized by Kubrik’s lenses.
There is Portugal, telling the story of two American tourists travelling through the country just after the war; there is Crimes, witnessing the arrest of two criminals, by following police movements, strategies, cunning tricks, until the two are captured.
The second part of the path touches different subjects, characterising Kubrik’s short career as a photographer, such as the shots of young Montgomery Clift in his flat, or the ones of Rocky Graziano, the boxer, reporting public and private moments of a modern hero, or the legend of New Orleans’ dixieland musicians.

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Mial, Palazzo della Ragione (piazza Mercanti 1)
tel.: 02.433403 - 02.36571438  
Opening times: Mondays 14.30 - 19.30 From Tuesday to Sunday 9.30 -19.30 Thursdays 9.30 -22.30  
Tickets: full price 8 euros; concessions 6,50 euros; students 3 euros;