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Summer nights at Castel Sant'Angelo

01.07.2011 - 04.09.2011

Rome, from July 1st to September 4th , 2011 - The Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo (also known in English as Mausoleum of Hadrian) will be open every day, .....

The Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo (also known in English as Mausoleum of Hadrian) will be open every day, except on Monday, in order to allow locals and foreigners to visit this extraordinary and evocative monument in the hot summer evenings of the eternal city of Rome. Every night, it will be possible to enrich the visit to the museum with several other cultural activities planned to be held on the stages of the Cortile delle fucilazioni (“Courtyard of the shootings”) or the Cortile della Balestra (“Courtyard of the crossbow”). The program includes weekly extraordinary visits, to be held on Tuesday and Sunday, to spaces normally closed to the public, music events on Wednesday and Friday, readings of classics and art conversations on Thursday, plays on Saturday and events organised to reveal the secret places of Rome on Sunday. From the entrance through the spiral ramp, which enters the large Roman cylinder, constituting the heart of the ancient mausoleum of Hadrian, visitors can climb to admire the decorations of the sumptuous papal apartments of the Renaissance period, stay in the elegant courtyards, explore the prisons and go and walk from a bastion to another on the Tiber river, along the square called Marcia Ronda (“The patrol paths on the ramparts”) up to the Terrazza dell'Angelo (“The Terrace of the Angel”). Extraordinary visits to the Passetto di Borgo (the covered fortified corridor linking the Vatican to Castel Sant'Angelo), the historical prisons and the Stufetta of Clemente VII (the ancient bathroom of the Popes), which are all spaces and environments usually closed to the public, are complementary to the guided tours organised for the entire monument. Moreover, starting from July 1st and after recent renovations, it will be possible to visit again the Room of Perseus and the Room of Cupid and Psyche, both with friezes realised by Perin del Vaga, and the Room of Clemente VII , contiguous to the Stufetta.

Useful information

Telephone: (0039) 06 68191110

Ticket Office
Ticket price: 9,00 Euros
Concession: free of charge for children under 10 years old
Visiting hours: from 8.30 PM to 12.30 AM, everyday, except on Monday