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Riace in Festival

05.07.2012 - 08.07.2012

Riace (RC), July 5 to 8, 2012- Stories of immigration and hospitality at "Riace in festival"

The third edition of Riace in Festival, to take place in the small medieval village of Locride in Calabria, will take place from July 5 to 8 this year. It is an initiative born from sentiment and political will to welcome and re-settle refugees asking for political asylum in this zone of Bronzes, and which local public administration has been working to enact for some years now.
 “A-Accoglienza (Hospitality) Riaceinfestival” is the title of this year’s festival, which will feature several events and culminate in a Cinematic Competition. 
The celebration will give space to independent productions based on themes of migration, multi-culturalism, and the relationship between rich and poor countries (all more or less with a particular focus on the Mediterranean, a region blessed by the meeting and inter-weaving of cultures, languages and religions. 
There will also be a special section for short films treating the theme of Happiness
Among the esteemed guests making an appearance is Emanuele Crialese, whose work is often dedicated to the topics of immigration and hospitality (e.g. his latest film, "Terraferma" won the Critics’ Prize at the Venice Film Festival). 

In a complicated place like Locride, the festival is an attestedly concrete iniziative, using the universal language of cinema and the arts to promoting exchange, as well as awareness of experiences of exclusion and racism. 

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Where: Riace
Province: Reggio Calabria
Region: Calabria