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Japan. The land of Geishas and Samurai

30.01.2020 - 02.06.2020

An initiation journey through Japan

The main part of the exhibit is dedicated to the Geisha and Samurai duo. On one side, the military class who dominated the land of the Rising Sun imposing their political power from the Twelfth to the middle of the Nineteenth century; the geisha, on the other side, the feminine beauty with an oval face covered in white powder, elegant outfits and rhythmic mannerisms. 
From the world of men to that of gods, a summary of native beliefs and influences from the Asian continent, like Buddhism which here is transformed into its Zen variation. The exhibit continues through the artistic representations born from Shintoism, kimono collections, photographs and large ornate folding screens with powerful calligraphy, one of the most complex art forms in Japan.

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Lombardy - Monza (Milan) 

Villa Reale