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“Autunno del gusto”, the delicacies of Norcia in the spotlight

27.11.2009 - 30.11.2009

Norcia – From November 27th to 29th. The town of Norcia opens up its coffer of excellent food, with the help of great chefs. A chance to visit one of the most beautiful small towns in Umbria.

“Autunno del gusto 2009” is the new festival of taste and flavors in Norcia and aims at enhancing the extraordinary typical food of this territory.

Besides typical local products like truffle, cold pork meat, lentils and cheese, this three-day event will stage the kings of the kitchen: up-and-coming chefs, chefs and local restaurateurs will challenge each other in an epic battle of taste. This event will be held in the old town center of Norcia and in the trade center of typical products in Via Solferino, where the kitchens and the tasting sections will be prepared.

Beside food, “Autunno del gusto” also promotes the history and art of this area with guided tours to the Castellina Museum, the Roman Cryptoporticus and the Cavalieri di Malta Castle.