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Carnival of Sauris

02.03.2019 - 02.03.2019

One of the oldest in the Alps

"The Night of the Lanters", the peak  event of the Saurano Carnival (Der zahrar Voschankh), is held the saturday after Ash Wednesday. The masks meet in the square of Sauris di Sopra, accompanied by the two figures of Rölar and Kheirar. The Rölar has the task of telling people to prepare for the masquerade. The Kheirar is the king of the masquerade, back in the day he used to knock at the doors of the houses with the broomstick so they would open. Once he entered and swept the floor, he introduced the performers and the couples of the beautiful masks (scheana schembln) and of the ugly (schentena schembln), who danced to the sound of the accordions.  

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Friuli Venezia Giulia - Sauris (Udine