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Carnival of Coumba Freide

11.02.2017 - 28.02.2017

Ollomont, Valpelline, Doues, Allein, Gignod, Étroubles, Saint-Oyen, Roisan, Bionaz, Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses

Traditional masks – Carneval of Coumba Freida at Etroubles

Traditional masks – Carneval of Coumba Freida at Etroubles

Tradition has it that the Carnival recalls the passage of Napoleon's soldiers here in May 1800 during the Italian Campaign. The costumes worn on this occasion are therefore, an allegorical interpretation of the French soldiers’ uniforms.

We also find the Bear which represents the changing of the Seasons; the tail of the mule which represents the winds and keeps away nasty drafts; costumes adorned with small mirrors which are supposed to ward off the evil eye and malignant spirits; the colour red as a symbol of force and vigour and again as a safeguard against evil spells and bad luck.

During the Carnival parade, masked “landzettes” visit homes and families, dance in the streets and squares, eat and drink what the villagers offer to them.

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