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Esther Mahlangu, The Queen of Africa

16.07.2010 - 06.09.2010

Messina (Sant’Alessio Siculo), 16 July to 6 September - On display more than a hundred paintings by the South African artist, who was chosen as testimonial for the World Football Championship.

Esther Mahlangu, Ndebele Abstract, 2010 (Source: Clp press office)

Esther Mahlangu, Ndebele Abstract, 2010

Esther Mahlangu, the South African artist chosen by FIFA as official testimonial of the World Championship, which is held in her country this year, is displaying about a hundred of her paintings in Sant’Alessio Siculo. About ten of them have 2010 World Championship as subject. FIFA officers, in fact, asked Esther Mahlangu to paint thirteen pictures focusing on football as their leitmotiv and which are in the FIFA office in Cape Town. This event, “The Queen of Africa”, is organised by Sarenco Foundation and celebrates the South African painter’s talent. Among her most important works, the façade of the BMW palace in Washington, the new Fiat 500 for the Agnelli collection and the decorations on British Airways aircraft vertical stabilisers.

Useful information

Sarenco Foundation
Tel. 0365.525840

How to get there

By Car:  
S.Alessio can be reached by car on A18 Motorway (Messina - Catania), Roccalumera (7 km to the North) or Taormina (7 km to the South) exits.  

By train:  
Taormina-Giardini Station (8 km south of S.Alessio)
Messina Central station (37 km to the North)
S.Alessio can be reached by local train connections.  

By plane:
“Fontanarossa” International Airport in Catania (56 km far from S.Alessio Siculo)