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The Power of a Look

08.01.2014 - 15.03.2014

Michelangelo's work in photos at the Museo delle Capelle Medicee

In occasion of  the 450-year anniversary of the death of Michelangelo Buonarroti, the Government Department responsible for Florence's Museums, and the Grandi Opere – FMR UTET Editorial Group present Il Potere dello Sguardo ("The Power of a Look,") beginning February 18th.
On show in the Tuscan Capital's Museum of Medicean Chapels until March 15th are expert art photographer Aurelio Amendola's powerful images of some of man's finest sculptural works.
Amendola, a Pistoia native, exhibits 23 black-and-white photographic works realized for a volume dedicated to Michelangelo; among them are photos oft he sculptures from the Sagrestia Nuova of San Lorenzo, the David and Prisoners.

The tour is composed of a group of 15 images in the central part of the Crypt of the Medicean Chapels, while a second group – made up of four beautiful images of the David – is located in the gallery that holds the tombs of the Medici Family. A third section, with two shots of Prisoners, lies in the second gallery (and here rest Ferdinand I, his wife and two children).  
Beyond what is on view in the Crypt, Amendola also boasts another two of his works in the small right-hand chapel of the Sagrestia Nuova: the murals hiding in the "secret room," said to be where Michelangelo hid himself away during the 1530 siege of Florence.

Useful information

Open Monday to Sunday, 8:15 AM - 1:50 PM

Entrance, 6 Euro
Reduced Price, 3 Euro 

How to get there

Where: Museo delle Cappelle Medicee
City: Florence
Address: Piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini
Region: Tuscany