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Torggelen, a pilgrimage among flavours

11.11.2009 - 02.12.2009

The old tradition of Alto Adige of going from a farmstead to another in the month of November has become a form of “slow” tourism in the mountains.

Until the beginning of December in the border valleys of Alto Adige, where the habit was jealously kept, the journey leads us from a farmstead to another to celebrate Torggelen, “torculum” in Latin, meaning wine pressing.

This route stops at every rural house and at the inns on the sides of Adige Valley, Isarco Valley and Aurina Valley, as cold and silent as they are romantic in autumn, when they start to turn white. Once the tradition involved friends and relatives, who were called to taste the new wine, roasted chestnuts and the warm dishes handed down from grandmothers. Today, like in those days, people pass from one stube – the kitchen with the stove – to another, going through walking paths among woods and vineyards.

The hunger after the walk is satisfied enjoying Tyrol smoked ham, new wine, barley soups, sauerkraut and brown bread, listening to old tales and finally tasting sweet fermented must, a forgotten delicacy that few people can still make.