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Snowshoeing in Abruzzo

20.01.2013 - 16.03.2013

Evocative snowshoe excursions through the snowy mounts of Pescocostanzo



In Pescocostanzo (Province of Aquila), among the stupendous beechwood forests of the Pizzi Mounts overlooking the borgo, the Amateur Athletic Association NaturalMente offers two exciting snowshoe excursions (the Ciaspolata)!
Snowshoes permit lovely treks on fresh snow, amidst snow-covered forests and silent nature in all her glory. Two different trek types will take place between January 20th and 26th in the mountains of Abruzzo, both absolutely spectacular in the way of environment and charming panoramic scenes. 

Trekkers on the first excursion will see Piana del Re, taking a splendid trail in the wide, wild valleys of the Maggiori Plateaus. The second, actually scheduled for the evening of January 26th, will allow snowshoers to enjoy the full moon and enjoy a warm plate of delicious polenta at the end. 
The first of the two tours is classified as difficult, treading a gradient of 1,312 ft in a matter of four hours. Meanwhile, the second is much easier and open to beginners, treading an incline of 656 ft in two hours. 
The Abruzzo snowshoeing events will run through March 16th, 2013. 

Useful information

To see excursions schedule visit:

For information and reservations call 3406222598 or 3285738182.

How to get there

Where: Pescocostanzo
Province: L'Aquila
Region: Abruzzo