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Out and about in the villages for a game of "Righea"

04.04.2010 - 11.04.2010

From the 4th to 11th April 2010 the province of Treviso rediscovers "Righea", a traditional game played with the hard-boiled eggs used during the Easter period.

Gioco della Righea a casa Ochette (source Tommaso Bisogno)

Gioco della Righea a casa Ochette

In Treviso there is a saying "Easter time, Righea time", that is, Easter is a festive occasion for everyone to enjoy playing Righea (or "Rigolana) which is a game similar to bowls or billiards, but played with boiled eggs. The event "Andar per borghi a visitar righèe" (Go to the villages to visit the Righea greens) takes place in 15 villages of the March of Treviso: Vittorio Veneto, Val Lapisina (North of Vittorio Veneto) San Vendemiano via Cappella Maggiore, San Pietro di Feletto, San Fior and Conegliano.
It's a fun way to start the party with a trip to villages in the Treviso province. Ancient documents prove that the game probably dates back to the nineteenth century, when each village prepared even more "righee", that is, areas that have been smoothed out (like bathtubs) to allow players to slide their hard-boiled eggs, all painted with imaginative symbols.
The aim is to hit the competitors’ eggs, denting them without damaging your own, or to get your egg as far as the money thrown onto the field, which - in this case - is won. When, having taken several hits, the eggs are dented to the point of being unable to continue, they are then withdrawn from the field and eaten seasoned with a little salt. And the round starts again with new eggs.

Useful information

For further information on the event, hours and location you can write to the following address:;
call the Vittorio Veneto Council on 0438/560493 or contact 347/4918658. Callers from outside Italy should add (+39) and omit the first (0).

How to get there

By Car:
Motorway A27 Coming from the East: follow directions for Pordenone - Sacile - Vittorio Veneto
For those coming from the West: take the foothills following directions to Valdobbiadene - Miane - Follina.  

By Train:
Vittorio Veneto station is connected to the national railway network (  

By Plane:
Treviso International Airport (50 km) Venice International Airport (60 km)