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The characteristic 'Svolo del Leon'(the Lion’s flight)
Self-portrait, private collection
Marilyn Monroe, 1952 Print carbro. George Eastman House collection, ©Nickolas Muray Photo Archives
Studies for St. Peter's Basilica, red crayon on white darkened paper, red crayon grid; by Donato Bramante, Florence, Uffizi Prints and Drawings cabinet
“Nymph of the Arno” by Lorenzo Bartolini
Reclining Nude, 1917 Giovanni and Marella Agnelli Art Gallery
Carnival of Putignano: papier-mâché floats
Ingresso della Triennale
Relativity, Escher
Buildings in the historical centre of Genoa
Shepard Fairey, "Capitol Hill", 2009 Mixed Media on canvas
Floats, ph. by Fabrizio Galli
Wheatfield with Crows, oil on canvas, van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Palazzo Pitti
Santa Maria della Salute at sunset, HE Lear 1865/1884, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Donated by the Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
Catanzaro Cathedral

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