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Studio Azzurro: The encyclopedic Leonardo
Leonardo and botany
Matera European Capital of Culture 2019
Macro Asilo
Leonardo - Last Supper - courtesy of MIBAC
Wine Experience Mondodelvino
Leonardo da Vinci and the movements of the soul
Sala delle Asse (Room of the Wooden Boards). Landscape, portion of the sketches found under the plaster, 1498 circa
Francesco Galli, aka the Neapolitan, Leonardo's pupil,  Madonna Lia, detail - 1495 circa
Francesco Melzi, Male Profile, red chalk with hints of black chalk, 1510
Flemish artifacts, the Last Supper, by Leonardo, tapestry,  1505-1510 circa, Vatican Museums
On the footprint of the Battle of Anghiari
Leonardo and perpetual motion
Leonardo, Madonna Litta, St. Petersburg- Hermitage