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Trento, the painted city

The City of Trento has always been considered as a bridge between the German and Latin cultures. Trento's historic center bears numerous traces from the Renaissance, including its historic Piazza del Duomo with the 18th-Century Fountain of Neptune, the Palazzo Pretorio, the Rella Residences and the Duomo (the Cathedral of San Vigilio), which was the seat for the historic Council of Trent. The city's history is strongly tied to the figure of the Prince-Bishop Barnardo Clesio. The Castello del Buonconsiglio, where he resided, is a magnificent and scenographic structure. On its interior, it is possible to observe beautiful frescoes realized by some of the best artists of the age, while the suggestive Eagle Tower (the Torre dell'Aquila), is a breathtaking masterpiece done in the Gothic style.