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The Taste of Apulia

Apulia, and in particular the Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, offers gourmands and enthusiasts for quality enogastronomy flavorful itineraries in which land and sea join to give life to delicious creations. The sea that washes up on the splendid Apulian coasts offers the best of fresh fish. Meanwhile, the simple and genuine dishes further inland include the Cialdella, the famous orecchiette pasta with broccoletti, and dairy products like mozzarella. All this can be accompanied by the territory's magnificent extra-virgin olive oil, called the "Green Gold of Apulia." Delicious desserts made of almonds, and the cherries of Bisceglie make for the perfect conclusion of a gastronomic itinerary that satisfies and astounds even the most demanding of palates.