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The Mantua of Mischief and Delights

Mantua, splendid city in the Region of Lombardy, hosts the rather evocative Palazzo Te, one of the most singularly intriguing palazzos realized during the Renaissance. Wanted by Federico Gonzaga II as a pleasure palace, it became the site of lavish parties. The palazzo is the work of painter and architect Giulio Romano, student of the school of Raffaello. Palazzo Te overflows with symbolism, including discreet yet expert tricks and allusions, of which the Sala of Amore and Psyche is particularly exemplar. The room's walls are entirely decorated with spectacular frescoes that recount the story of Psyche, by way of an extremely refined erotic sequence that unfolds in a world free of inhibition. Another must-see room in this structure is the Sala dei Giganti, completely covered in frescoes that narrate the mythological battle between Zeus and the Titans.