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Refined Lucca

Lucca is a refined and noble city. According to Forbes Magazine, this Tuscan city is "the most idyllic place to live in Europe," which is also the reason why many Brits and Americans, in love with its charm, have chosen to reside here. Three defensive walls circle the heart of the city, preserving the precious urban fabric. Every nook and cranny here narrates a piece of history, from Lucca's beginnings as a Roman city, then as Longobard capital of the historic Tuscia zone, and finally as a Medieval city-state. Modifications in the 19th Century led to the transformation of the city walls into a beautiful, panoramic promenade, from which one can admire the city's beauty. The roofs, tower-homes, roads and lanes, buildings and lovely churches make one feel as though time has never stopped in Lucca.