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In ancient Palermo

Walking through the streets of Palermo's center, tourists can take the occasion to discover the diverse facets of this marvelous city. Live the fascinating history of this place by visiting its Cathedral that, through the centuries was also a temple and a mosque. After that is the ebullient Baroque of the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà, followed by the noble 18th-Century atmosphere of Palazzo Comitini. Moving on to the Kalsa Quarter, you can appreciate architectonic magnificence, fruit of the work of Giacomo Amato. Within an area extending over just 1,000 feet we can find three of his masterpieces, each in a different style: the Church of San Nicolò in the Roman Baroque and boasting the largest lunette in Euope, the octagonal Church of San Mattia, and the Church of St. Theresa, in Sicilian Baroque.