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Isle of Elba

Elba is the biggest isle in the Tuscan Archipelago
A favorite of Italian and European tourists, it boasts plenty of modern and well-equipped touristic structures. 
Its natural beauty is one of its biggest allures, as seen in its marvelous, sparkling sea, it hosts 6.2 miles of sand beaches, 2.5 miles of gravel beach, and 1.86 of rocky, jagged coast that is nevertheless suitable for bathing.Elba Fetovaia
This splendid island is made up of eight different communes, each one seeming a unique world unto itself - PortoferraioMarcianaMarciana MarinaCampo nell’ElbaPorto AzzurroRio MarinaCapoliveri, and Rio Elba. Their singularities are evident in the culture, traditions, linguistic inflections, architecture and even in the rocks and vegetation.

Elba's surrounding sea is home to one of the largest marine parks in Europes; here you can take a boat to discover almost hundreds of coves and inlets, each one a surprise. 
And its natural blessings have remained largely intact thanks to its protection as part the Tuscan Archipelago National Park