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In southern Trento, a beautiful mountainous landscape abounds with green valleys and hills: the Vallagarina, a land of history, nature and fine wines. 
One of the most famous places in the area is Rovereto, famous for being a leading cultural center, past and present. Rovereto photo by Gio 2000 at wikimedia The 15th-Century style castle dominates, with all its grandeur, the city and the surrounding valley. 
It was built under the rule of Venice and today houses the War History Museum, featuring a large collection of documents and relics dating back to the First World War. 

The Military Memorial of Dante Castle, which houses the remains of over 20,000 soldiers, including the ones of Damiano Chiesa and Fabio Filzi, and the big Peace Bell attest to these lands' war wounds, to the marks left in our hearts and history books. 

As further confirmation of its cultural role, Rovereto is the city of MART, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art - among the most important and holding many works by great names such as Depero, de Chirico, Balla, Morandi, Fontana, Johns, Warhol and Kiefer. 
Another remarkable museum is the Civic Museum, divided into seven sections, and boasting several collections representing the history and the study of the territory. 

Besano Castle represents, then, a suggestive venue for important cultural and artistic events. It is a complex built in the Renaissance style, mainly for defense purposes, in a location where it is possible to view the whole surrounding valley.