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Agrigento, one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily, rises on a plain sheer above the sea. 
The Valley of the Temples is situated near the sea and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as an important archaeological trace from ancient Greek civilization. Temple of Concordia in AgrigentoSeven sacred places are known from their ruins and remnants. One of these is the Temple of Hera, with its rectangular plan and 34 columns, the Temple of Concordia, still in a state of perfect preservation, and the Temple of Castor and Pollux. 
The temples built in tuff assume a golden color in the sunset, creating a surreal landscape. 
Atop the hill overlooking the Valley of the Temples is contemporary Agrigento, the "magnificent city" and a trove of art treasures.

The "jewels" of the old town are the Norman Cathedral with its imposing bell tower, and the Holy Spirit Monastery, annexed to the homonymous Church. 
Via Atenea, Agrigento's main street, begins with Porta di Ponte, a 14th-Century reconstruction of the original Medieval entrance. Also on this street is Palazzo Celauro, where Goethe once lived. The old town presents an ancient Medieval structure, with narrow alleyways and staircases leading up to higher-level roads. 

From the more modern Viale della Vittoria (literally, Victory Boulevard), one can admire a wonderful view on the Valley, relaxing at one of the bars beneath the shade of the ficus. 
Along the Contrada San Nicola lies the Regional Archaeological Museum, narrating the history of ancient Agrigento, from the early history to the Hellenic age. Not too far from Agrigento the hometown of the great Nobel Prizewinning writer Luigi Pirandello hosts a dedicated museum.