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Trieste (Friuli Venezia Giulia) dominates, with its important port, on its homonymous Gulf. 
A place with rich in complex history, it officially became part of Italy only at the end of the First World War.Miramare Castle
Nestled between a rugged karst topography and the sea, the charming city of Trieste holds onto a number historical and artistic monuments from various eras, in particular from the long Habsburg domination, as is evident by the abundant Neoclassical and Art Nouveau architecture. 

The city center is represented by the spectacular Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia (Piazza of Italian Unity), characteristic of the City of Vienna: a large rectangular space surrounded on three sides by historical buildings and on the fourth side by the sea. Wonderful panoramic views are offered by the Grand Canal, around which is also the characteristic Borgo Teresiano (a district of the city whose realization was supported by the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria), while on the hill of Saint Giusto lie other important monuments, including the Cathedral of San Giusto, decorated with mosaics, and the same-named Castle

The characteristic shores include piers, indentations and basins, and are overlooked by impressive buildings. Cultured and always cosmopolitan, Trieste is home to numerous museums, galleries and theatres and it promotes numerous diverse exhibitions and cultural initiatives. Thanks to its central location, it is the ideal starting point for touristic itineraries in exploration of the  natural and artistic treasures, above all the picturesque Miramare Castle, an Istria white-stone construction overlooking the striking blue sea.