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Carnia is a region of Friuli Venezia Giulia on the historic and geographic point of view, located in the Province of Udine. It is place in the Alpi Carniche and it borders with Austria on the North, with Pordenone on the South, with Veneto on the West and the the Canal Ferro-Valcanale on the east, located on the province Udine as well. In Carnia there are seven valleys, each crossed by a torrent that gives them their names (excepting the Valcalda), an example of which is the Torrente But (also known as Canale di San Pietro). The major attraction of the Carnia is its pure nature, with woods, waterfalls, canyons and mountain lakes. 
Additionally, the Park of the Carniche Hills, with smooth paths to be crossed by walk or by riding or in mountain bike and the Park of the Frulian Dolomites, where you can  practice trekking and mountaineering, as well as observe creatures like roes and marmots. 

Characteristic small villages are composed of wooden or stone houses and artisanal workshops that produce textiles, pottery, and objects of stone, iron and wood. Important are Pesariis (near Prato Carnico), the village of clocks since the 1700s; the Mozartina di Paularo, a living museum where you can listen to harpsichords and violins; the Mulin dal Flec di Illegio, an ancient mill still in use; the Museum of Folk Arts and Traditions of Tolmezzo and the Thermal Baths of Arta

During the winter season, for those who love skiing, ski centers abuzz with fun and excitement abound (in Zoncolan, Ravascletto, Sutrio, Forni di Sopra e Sauris), as do typical, high-altitude mountain shelters.