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The peaks of Italy are absolutely a must-destination for mountain enthusiasts. 
Among the many and marvelous places in Valle d'AostaCourmayeur is one of the most important ski hubs in the country. Nestled in a beautiful natural basin that lies thousands of feet above sea level, the majestic summit of Mont Blanc completes the scenery. Courmayeur is an ancient locality that is, exclusive, yes, but also full of a charm and fascination that is all its own. CourmayeurFor those who love the mountains - and particularly for those who love skiing - this site abounds with slopes - that is, more than 100 miles of them - that are renowned around the world. 
They range in levels of difficulty, but are connected one to the other via an extended network of diverse tracks and installations. Some of the courses are known for their overwhelming length, others for the celebrated races to which they play host, and still others for their adaptation to certain other sports, such as snowboarding or telemark.

One of the pearls of the Alps and a winter sports capital, Courmayeur offers skiers the chance to ski the slopes of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in all of Italy.

From here begin the off-track descents of Toula and of the famous Vallée Blanche that runs all the way to Chamonìx.
Courmayeur is also the cradle of mountaineering, where the first school for Alpine guides was started. Then, the Duca degli Abruzzi Museum will let you in on all the inside stories surrounding the apparatus, personages and adventures that have influenced the history of mountaineering.

Not only skiing, but a wide range of other activities will appeal to all visitors here: from the classic après-ski, with folk bands playing in the Jardin de L’Ange, to tennis matches and ice skating. Hikers will love Courmayeur as well, as will climbers and trekkers, in such sites as the Ferret and Veny Valleys or the nearby Castle of Entrèves.
Finally, for those interested in more relaxing activities, a simple stroll through the streets of the town center or shopping in its numerous shops are always on offer.